We’re combining cutting-edge technologies to challenge the old ways of flying, transport, and fun. We’re fearless and canny engineers, bringing the word “future” justice.


Our hoverbike is a tiltrotor eVTOL. An aircraft capable of vertical take-off, transition to forward flight, and vertical landing, with electric powertrain. The compact wings and their lift provide energy savings for longer flight. This brings a breeze to the flight while retaining an alacrity of a hummingbird. The motors tilt ability gives us the power to control flight in challenging locations where absolute & unwavering precision is required – for all flight regimes – take-off, landing, and the flight itself.


The usage of electric ducted fans instead of conventional large diameter free propellers is the design for the future. The application of EDFs enhances safety of the passengers and their surroundings. The same thrust for much smaller diameter compared to the conventional propellers allows for easier storage and quick transportation. Thus, it is suitable for both urgent transport to and from inaccessible locations, and recreation and sport.


The usage of lift surfaces results in lower energy consumption during horizontal flight. Therefore, the flight range is significantly increased. The wings are designed to be the most efficient for fairly low flight speeds of the Hoverbike. Active steering surfaces are omitted. The resulting simplicity lowers the maintenance costs and achieves a robust reliability. The tiltable EDFs are controlling all aspects of flight stability and steering. The main construction material of the wings is carbon composite – a very lightweight and sturdy material. Thanks to the carbon composite, the wings are easily able to bear both aerodynamic load and especially the load from the EDFs located on the ends of the wings.

Physical dimensions

Flight width
4.55 m
Transport width
2.45 m
3.2 m
290 kg

Flight parameters

Maximum speed
230 km/h
Maximum power
320kw (typical ~160kw in hover, minimal ~50kw in forward flight)
0-100 km/h
3 sec.
Flight time
~25 minutes
Flight distance
up to 66 km
Maximum payload
2 persons, 150 kg
2h typical electric car charger, 6h typical consumer charger, (0,5-1h charge is possible with sufficient charger)

350k EUR

Pilot license
Ultralight Pilot Permit (EU), sport pilot certificate (USA), or similar