Do I need any pilot licence to fly Airwolf in Europe?

Special Condition certificate - Small-category VTOL aircraft

  • Based on Certification Specifications for Normal Category Airplanes (CS-23)
  • In every Member State, the respective national aviation authority issues pilot license


Prototype Technical Design Specifications for Vertiports - Official EASA document with instructions how to create suitable landing platforms for VTOL


Private Pilot Licence


Two certification categories

  • Basic (Controlled emergency landing requirements)
  • Enhanced (Flying over congested areas and when conducting commercial air transport of passengers. Requirements for continued safe flight and landing, ability to reach the original intended destination or a suitable alternate vertiport after a failure

Do I need any pilot licence to fly Airwolf in the USA?

Special Airworthiness Certificate - Experimental Category


Private Pilot Licence - AMEL (Airplane Multi Engine Land)

Do I need any pilot licence to fly Airwolf in the United Arab Emirates?

Certificate of Airworthiness - Small-Category Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)


Private Pilot Licence with Multi-Engine Rating (77k AED = 21k USD - www.fujaa.ae)

Can I fly in cities, above private land or above buildings and other property?

The legislation is still couple of years „behind" the technological development and technical capabilities of the companies like UDX. We are in sitaution that our drone can fly but the law regulating it is missing. The legislation is in process in many countires and on the European level. There is no reason why the regulation should be different from current regulation of ultra-light flights. There are rules on pilots qualification, safety, height limits, no-flight zones... Basically the same logic can be applied on drones. But eVTOL drones will cause the biggest difference in the accesibility of airfileds where you can fly from… Current smallest airfields for ultralight planes are still huge comparing to airfield needed for eVTOL flights. They are cheaper to build, less space demanding with smaller noise impact on the countryside. They can be in the mountains, on a water platforms, in brownfileds ect.

How noisy is the flight?

We have been working on the noise reduction thoroughly. High frequency sound is a natural part of the take off and landing and it is a matter of laws of physics that can hardly be bent. High speed engine propellers run fast through the air, create thrust and it is a major part of the overall noise profile. We have achieved significant improvement in noise reduction via 4 tasks:

  • Engine construction in covered gondolas
  • Frequency modulation of the engines
  • Power efficient forward flight with wings & tilted engines allowing to benefit from uplift and thus reduced thrust (=noise) of the 4 propellers
  • Landing and take off via AI programmed stabilization to reduce time needed to provide the task.